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May 30:

Visteon’s Dr. Martin Pfeifle presents a case study on localization and sensor fusion approaches at Cognitive Vehicles – Imaging, Perception and AI conference in Berlin, Germany

May 31:

Visteon’s Anshul Saxena presents on sensor data fusion and Dr. Vikram Narayan speaks about the impact of open source solutions on autonomous driving at Cognitive Vehicles – Imaging, Perception and AI conference in Berlin, Germany

June 8:

Visteon to conduct annual meeting of shareholders in Van Buren Township, Michigan

Latest News

BLOG: The Hidden Value in Internships
By Joslyn R. Holmes

Gaining job experience through an internship should be seen as more than just a resume builder. It can often be the first step in your career. That is, if you choose your internship and invest in it wisely.



Augmented Reality Brings Visual Information to the Windshield

Visteon’s augmented reality (AR) demonstration vehicle combines a view of the vehicle’s road ahead with audio, light and video to create a multi-modal AR experience designed to enhance a driver’s awareness of the driving situation by alerting them to potential risks that would require action.


What's trending in infotainment?

The era of the autonomous vehicle will bring new challenges – none greater than how to occupy the driver in a vehicle that conceivably will drive itself much of the time. The solutions may vary depending on regional and cultural differences among consumers.


Imaginative Display Solutions for a Digital Cockpit Experience

Connected and assisted driving has significantly changed the way drivers interact with the vehicle. Information displays, in particular, have undergone a transformation from static screens to dynamic, multi-modal interfaces that are an integral part of today’s connected car.


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