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April 19-28:

Visteon to participate in Auto Shanghai 2017 (location 2A15) in China

April 27:

Visteon to announce first-quarter 2017 results

May 9:

Matthias Schulze, senior director of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), presents Visteon approach to autonomous driving at the Conference on Future Automotive Technology Focus Electromobility in Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany

June 8:

Visteon to conduct annual meeting of shareholders in Van Buren Township, Michigan

June 26:

Lead Engineer Anshul Saxena presents machine learning and autonomous systems at Autonomous Systems World in Berlin, Germany

June 30:

Remi Sigrist, head of HMI innovation, presents multimodality in human machine interactions to extend the augmented reality experience at Car HMI Europe 2017 in Berlin, Germany

Latest News

BLOG: Artificial Intelligence Emerges from Data Rooms to Help Drive Autonomous Cars
By Vijay Nadkarni

A century ago, many large businesses ran their operations with rooms full of skilled clerks rapidly entering figures into a comptometer, a type of mechanical calculator considered very efficient for the times. Today, apps have generated brilliant machinery and pocket-sized communications devices, thanks to innovative programmers and billions of lines of code. In considering the challenge of autonomous vehicles, however, yet another level of technology will be required.



Visteon Leaders Talk Strategy and Technology Direction with Leading Industry Publication

In the buildup to CES® 2017, Visteon leaders engaged in a series of one­on­one interviews with industry publication just­, discussing a range of strategy and technology topics prior to showcasing the company’s latest technologies at the international show in Las Vegas.


New Silicon Valley Technical Center will Head Visteon’s Development of Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Vehicles

Partnerships and collaboration between Silicon Valley and automakers are emerging at a rapid pace in the push to develop self­driving cars. Visteon opened the doors to its new Silicon Valley office on Dec. 6, 2016, which will spearhead the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) activities ­ particularly in the areas of autonomous driving ­ and infotainment.


Visteon Wins Technology Excellence Award for Head-Up Display

Visteon has claimed its second technology excellence award for an entry-level head-up display (HUD) system developed in India. Following the company’s success at the India Automotive Technology Innovation Awards (IATIA) in December – where both Visteon and its AllGo subsidiary were category winners – Visteon’s India team was once again recognized for its innovative, yet affordable, solution in the “Technology Excellence” category at Auto Components India’s (ACI) award ceremony in Mumbai on Feb. 9.


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