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Opportunities in Brazil

Visteon has manufacturing and engineering facilities in Brazil, the largest country in South America and the Latin America region. In 2015, Brazil ranked as the ninth largest country by nominal gross domestic product (GDP), the seventh largest by GDP purchasing power parity (PPP), and the sixth largest producer of cars in the world.

To support this market, Visteon’s manufacturing facility in Manaus, Amazonas, produces electronics products including instrument clusters and audio systems, with a focus on serving original equipment vehicle manufacturers such as Ford and Volkswagen.
Visteon also has a customer and engineering center in Guarulhos, São Paulo. This location is ideal because it allows our team to work closely with our customers’ engineering and commercial teams, which are mostly located in the southeast part of the country in the state of São Paulo.

There are currently no open positions in this country, but please check back again for future job postings that may relate to your field or explore career opportunities in another country.

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