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After achieving its first emission reduction target of a 20 percent reduction in normalized emissions at the end of 2012, Visteon set another three-year 20 percent reduction target in 2013. In 2015, Visteon greatly exceeded this target, recognizing a 49 percent reduction in normalized emissions in the three-year period. While this reduction was aided by the divestiture of certain facilities that had energy-intensive manufacturing processes, thus removing a significant portion of emissions from Visteon portfolio, the company continues to implement practices that reduce its environmental footprint on a continual basis.

Under a “green plants” initiative, Visteon implemented a number of initiatives to reduce waste, water usage and greenhouse gas emissions at various manufacturing facilities in 2015. These included improving lighting or heating/cooling efficiency at more than a dozen plants, installing a solar photovoltaic system at a facility in China, managing the use of compressed air at several plants; and installing high-efficiency transformers at a facility in Mexico.

Visteon was in full compliance with all customer product-related environmental, health and safety requirements in 2015. Every facility where Visteon has financial control (more than 50 percent ownership) is certified to the ISO14001 environmental standard. Visteon is committed to offering products to automakers that support the goal of reducing vehicle emissions and increasing fuel economy through weight reduction and other approaches. Visteon supports the movement to alternative fuel vehicles and powertrains, with the overall goal of reducing vehicle emissions.