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Visteon set a new standard for health and safety performance in 2015. The company recorded its lowest-ever injury rates, and more than 90 percent of its facilities recorded zero lost-time accidents.

Visteon outperformed its target for lost-time case rate, achieving a rate of 0.03 – a greater than 50 percent improvement over 2014. This puts Visteon within the top 5 percent of all industries and makes it best-in-class for automotive/manufacturing companies. Visteon also recorded best-ever milestones for severity rate (1.37) and recordable injury rate (0.05) – those work-related injuries that result in medical treatment greater than first aid, or that result in restricted work or lost days. This strengthens Visteon’s position as a safety leader in the top percentile of all manufacturing companies regardless of industry. Every facility where Visteon has financial control (more than 50 percent ownership) is certified to the OHSAS 18001 safety standard.

For 2016, Visteon continues to champion aggressive safety targets for all of its facilities. All Visteon sites have zero lost-time accidents as a target, and the company is tracking all first-aid cases, performing analytics on those cases and prioritizing improvement actions. Visteon is committed to continuing to improve its status as an industry leader in safety regardless of business sector. The graph below shows the relative performance in lost-time case rate for Visteon compared with various relevant industries.

Relevant industry comparison for LTCR
(Data derived from 2012 Bureau of Labor Statistics data)

Examples of Safety Success – 2015
Chennai Plant Celebrates More than 13 years of Employee Safety
Visteon’s manufacturing center in Chennai, India, celebrated a significant safety milestone, passing 5,000 days without a safety incident. Competitions had taken place among staff members beforehand, looking for the best, most creative and informative safety videos and posters, which were displayed and presented during the ceremony.
Reynosa Plant in Mexico Celebrates 500 Days without Safety Accident
Visteon’s manufacturing Plant in Reynosa, Mexico, achieved a significant safety milestone in 2015: 500 days without a safety accident. Employees celebrated with cake and other treats in the cafeteria. The achievement signaled the personal accountability of Reynosa employees, while demonstrating the importance of a “safety first” mindset.
Hiroshima Plant Completes 3,000 Days without Safety Incident
Visteon’s plant in Hiroshima, Japan, marked a safety achievement in October 2015 when the facility recorded its 3,000th consecutive day without a lost-time case (LTC). Employees were recognized for helping the plant go eight years without a safety incident, thanks to its “Keep Zero” policy that ensures potential risks are reported immediately and safety measures are implemented efficiently and successfully.