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A technology-driven company focused on cockpit electronics and the road to autonomous driving


May 23:
Distinguished Paper Award winner Paul Weindorf participates in a session on advances in automotive displays at SID Displays Week in Los Angeles, California
June 6:
Visteon conducts 2018 annual meeting of shareholders in Van Buren Township, Michigan
June 14:
Visteon demonstration at the Ann Arbor Mobility Summit in Michigan
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BLOG: Collaborative Vision Essential to Automated Driving
Guest Blog By Anuja Sonalker
Founder and CEO, STEER
Many of the most popular technological developments in today’s global society have evolved from the inspiration of a single individual, company or breakthrough. Steve Jobs’ iPhone, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, Jeff Bezos’ Amazon all have been seismic innovations that have changed the lives of billions. Advancement of automotive technology, however, rarely has resulted from the vision of just one person.
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