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Technical Papers

Advanced R&D capabilities, collaboration with industry partners and applied engineering expertise are at the core of the technological advances driving automotive innovation. Visteon's global network of technical experts are key contributors to the industry debate, delivering insights to leading technical and academic communities.

Parasitic Battery Drain Problems and AUTOSAR Acceptance Testing    
Active Polarizer Dimmable Lens System    
Anti-Sparkle Film Distinctness of Image Characterization    
HMI Display Readability During Sinusoidal Vibration    
Characterization of Anti-Sparkle Film for Automotive Applications    
Augmented reality head-up displays: HMI impacts of different field-of-view on user experience    
Consumer insights on innovative 3D visualization technologies    
Automotive Automatic Luminance Control Anthological Primer - First Edition    
Consumer Insights about Gesture Interaction in Vehicles    
Time of Flight Technology for Gesture Interaction    
Automotive Biometric Automatic Luminance Control System    
Automotive OLED Luminance Consumption Control Methods    
Recent Standardization Efforts and Measurement Procedures of German Automotive OEM and German Flat Panel Forum (DFF)    
A Pragmatic Speckle Measurement Method    
A New Approach – Connected Cockpit Multi-Domain Controller  
Forward Looking Light Sensor Utilization for Automatic Luminance Control    
Immersive Audio HMI to Improve Situational Awareness    
Secure Virtualization for an Ever Increasing Vehicle Complexity    
Optical effects of anti-glare films on a dual-view display    
TFT Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Thermal Model    
Touch Sensor Transparent Conductor Optical Comparison