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Visteon is aware of fraudulent recruitment activity using the Visteon name and identity. Visteon has filed a complaint with the Internet Crime Center, the FBI and several other law enforcement agencies, and is cooperating fully with all efforts to stop the fraud and apprehend those responsible for it.

Email correspondence relating to employment with Visteon will never be sent from a free Web-based email account. If you receive an email from Visteon that instructs you to send replies to an email address other than one ending with, treat it as a fraudulent employment offer.

Visteon does not ask for money transfers or payment from applicants to secure a job and we will never ask for payments toward work-related documents or equipment. Visteon will never offer a job or contract without first going through a formal recruitment process that will involve at least one face-to-face interview.

If you believe you are the victim of an Internet crime, or if you are aware of an attempted crime, you can file a complaint on the Internet Crime Complaint Center website. Save all evidence related to your incident for the appropriate authorities. In order to expedite your complaint, include as much information as possible about yourself, the perpetrator (i.e. names used, email addresses, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, etc.) and the Internet crime you are reporting. Additional information regarding this and other Internet schemes can be found on the IC3 website.

Report Possible Fraud to Visteon
If you are uncertain about the legitimacy of any recruitment activity using the Visteon name and identity, please complete the form below. Include as much information in the Incident Description as possible, including names used, email addresses, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, etc.


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