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Through corporate contributions, Visteon demonstrates to its neighbors in communities where it operates that the company cares about them, their families and their future. Visteon supports the belief that a cohesive society is an essential foundation for business success, and that companies thrive with healthier, better-educated and more productive people. Visteon's contributions are concentrated in two focus areas: youth and the environment.

Visteon has funded programs around the world that improve the lives of children by providing food, shelter, health care and mentoring activities. Funding has also been provided for environmental programs that preserve and protect the environment, including the establishment of parks and the protection of wildlife.


Examples of Community Success – 2013
Asia: Halla Visteon Climate Control Korea (HVCCK) supports corporate responsibility
Employees at HVCCK facilities in three regions (Daejeon, Seoul, and Pyeoungtaek) support their communities through various educational, cultural, charitable and environmental projects. In 2013, HVCCK participated in a wide range of efforts, including the creation of an organization that supports medical expenses for children with cardiac disease; grants to provide scholarships to disadvantaged families; and grants for park, river, and forest cleanups.
North America: Van Buren Civic Fund
In 2004, after Visteon built its corporate headquarters in Van Buren Township, Mich., the Van Buren Civic Fund (VBCF) was established through grants from the company. The purpose of the fund is to demonstrate Visteon's support of the community and to be a responsible corporate citizen within Van Buren Township. Since then, the VBCF has been active in providing a multitude of grants to various non-profit entities operating within the township. For 2013 these grants included:
  • Belleville Area District Library to purchase Early Literacy Stations – The workstations are specifically designed for children ages 2-8 and contain 70 different software programs and games that encourage exploration in reading, math, science, social studies, writing, arts and music.
  • Van Buren Township Fire Department to refurbish smoke house – The smoke house was used by the Fire Department for effectively teaching school age kids about fire safety through a hands-on interactive experience. Due to financial issues, smoke house repairs were postponed until the Civic Fund stepped in to provide a grant.
  • Van Buren Schools athletic equipment donation – Two Van Buren public schools received funding for new sporting equipment and scoreboards.
Europe: Algurez employees run half marathon for charity
Employees at the HVCC Algeruz plant in Portugal went the extra mile to raise money for a charitable cause by participating in an annual half marathon called "Arrábida Gran Prize." Participants, sporting HVCC T-shirts, ran to raise money for the charity Causa Solidária Mário Piteira, which will use the funds to purchase adapted sports wheelchairs for local facilities.

Europe: Alba Plant encourages creativity and environmentalism
HVCC Alba’s facility in Hungary was full of budding artists, as winners of the plant's 2013 Environmental Drawing competition were announced. Now in its 12th year, the program encourages children to think about a specific issue facing the environment and, through their drawings, inspire others to do the same. The theme was Water and the Future – Protecting a National Treasure, a topic of high importance as drought and pollution threaten new areas of the globe every year. Compositions focused on areas ranging from water conservation and the impacts of pollution on wildlife to the way lakes, rivers and the sea are an important part of our everyday lives.

Europe: Supporting children in need
Visteon Electronics and HVCC employees based at Visteon's UK offices took part in the UK's largest children's charity event, Children in Need, raising funds for the charity. Children in Need is the BBC's UK corporate charity and raises money to change the lives of thousands of children across the UK. The charity's vision is that "every child in the UK has a childhood that is safe, happy and secure and gives them an opportunity to reach their potential. Fundraising events throughout the week included a raffle, a dress-down day and a car wash provided by the human resources team and resident students.

Asia: Employees in China take the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge
For the second consecutive year Visteon employees in China participated in the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge – a race of 5.6 kilometers (about 3.5 miles) that raises money for not-for-profit organizations. In 2013, the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge donated entry fees to a local non-profit organization, Right To Play China, which helps more than 1 million children around the world take part in regular sport and play activities every week. In China alone, Right To Play operates programs in 19 provinces, benefiting more than 350,000 children.

Europe: UK employees renovate school playground
A group of Visteon Engineering Services and HVCC employees in the UK recently supported a local junior school by spending a day renovating play equipment on the school grounds. The team of volunteers, based in Chelmsford, worked tirelessly to transform the weather-beaten equipment into like-new condition.
Asia: Earthquake recovery efforts in China
Visteon was recognized by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) for its support of recovery efforts following the severe earthquake in the Ya'an, Sichuan province of China in April 2013. To help those impacted by the disaster, Visteon organized a donation initiative in China, with employees raising funds. The CFPA used the funds for relief goods including food, drinking water, tents, warm clothes, lighting equipment and telecommunications facilities, as well as for home rebuilding. Additional voluntary fundraising efforts also were organized by employees at many Visteon locations in China.
North America: Golf fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association
The Visteon African Ancestry Network (VAAN) Employee Resource Group raised funds for the American Diabetes Association at its 14th annual Charity Golf Outing in Plymouth, Mich. The teams included a number of Visteon suppliers.
North America: Visteon Corporation named employer of the year
Visteon was recognized by the China For the past five years, Visteon has been giving rewarding on-the-job opportunities to qualified engineering students at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. The university recently acknowledged this partnership, naming Visteon "Employer of the Year" for providing a growing number of quality internship and cooperative education opportunities to U-M Dearborn students. Since 2009, Visteon has provided U-M Dearborn students with summer internships or work-study opportunities – mostly in electrical, mechanical and computer engineering – at its corporate offices and innovation center in Van Buren Township. About half of the college interns that Visteon has hired over the past five years graduated from U-M Dearborn.
North America: Students in Mexico celebrate Child’s Day
As is done in many other countries, companies throughout Mexico host an annual event giving children ages 5-11 an opportunity to gain exposure to various careers. At HVCC's Coclisa plants, the event was scheduled to align with the traditional holiday, Día del Maestro (Teacher's Day), which honors teachers throughout the country. More than 200 students – all children of employees – participated in the 2013 event at HVCC's three Coclisa plants (San Lorenzo, Santa Fe and Paso del Norte). Students toured the plants and learned about the importance of safe practices in a manufacturing environment. To add a bit of fun to the day, students received a meal in the cafeterias, played games, watched movies and participated in face painting.

Europe: Employees in Germany celebrate Girls and Boys Day
The Visteon and HVCC teams in Germany welcomed young students to the Kerpen office for an annual career event called "Girls and Boys Day." The goal of this day-long event was to offer students ages 12-15 insight into working life, to stimulate their interest in engineering disciplines. The initiative is designed to give students an understanding of the professions available to them, and is particularly focused on increasing girls' interest in technical disciplines. Throughout the day, students were introduced to the climate lab, the C-Beyond vehicle concept and technology demonstrators. They participated in a test drive of the Nissan Leaf electric car and an interactive game introducing them to lean manufacturing. The event involved children of Visteon and HVCC employees as well as students from local schools.
Asia: Visteon Technical Services Center, Chennai hosts Minuet 2013
Employees at Visteon Technical Services Center (VTSC) in Chennai, India, hosted a social event called “Minuet 2013” to celebrate 2013 Children’s Day on Nov 24, 2013. Several special events were organized for children in the region. Employees of the facility organized the events, which took place over four weekends and reached more than 100 children ages 5 to 17. The events included essay writing, elocution and general knowledge quizzes.
North America: Supporting elementary school in Shorter, Alabama
Team members at the HVCC manufacturing plant in Shorter, Ala., sponsored the sixth grade class at D.C. Wolfe Elementary School in Shorter for the 2013-2014 school year to help shape students into future community leaders. The plant donated school supplies and sponsored field trips to give students an opportunity to learn more about manufacturing.