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Visteon is proud to have achieved the company’s three-year greenhouse gas emission reduction target for emissions associated with company operations. In 2009, the company set a goal of a 20 percent reduction in normalized emissions
from manufacturing operations and office areas. At
year-end 2012, Visteon’s normalized reduction
totaled 21.5 percent. This effort demonstrates
Visteon’s continuous commitment to realize
value in its product offering while improving on
environmental performance. (See emissions
data for more detail.)

Visteon’s product offerings also support an
overall reduction in vehicle emissions by supporting
the movement to alternative fuel vehicles and powertrains,
with the overall goal of reducing vehicle emissions. Learn how Visteon supports high fuel economy vehicles, the latest electric and hybrid electric vehicles (EV/HEV) and alternative refrigerant vehicles through some of the technologies highlighted in this report. In addition, Visteon continues to improve its environmental performance in its global manufacturing operations, aligned with the company's corporate environmental, health and safety policy.

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Examples of Environmental Success – 2012
Asia: Best Environment Friendly Green Company
A Visteon operation in India was recognized for contributions related to environmental protection and exceptional customer support. Visteon Climate System India Ltd. (VCSIL) in Bhiwadi received the “Best Environment Friendly Green Company” award from the Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation Ltd. (RIICO). The award was presented for efforts supporting water utilization, waste reuse, recycling and energy conservation.
North America: Carolinas plant receives ‘Healthy Environment’ certification
In a ceremony held at the Carolinas plant in Chihuahua, Mexico, local representatives from the state's Secretary of Health organization awarded Visteon with the Healthy Environment Certification. Visteon is the first company in the State of Chihuahua to receive this certification, which acknowledges companies that take proactive measures to promote a healthier environment for employees and the surrounding community. Local authorities congratulated employees at Carolinas, noting that a healthier environment can positively impact overall motivation, levels of absenteeism and employee retention.