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In 2013, Visteon was proud to have achieved the company’s three-year greenhouse gas emission reduction target for emissions associated with company operations. In 2009, the company set a goal of a 20 percent reduction in normalized emissions from manufacturing operations and office areas. At year-end 2012, Visteon's normalized reduction totaled 21.5 percent. Visteon has again raised the bar by setting a new three-year target of an additional 20 percent reduction in normalized emissions from the 2012 levels.

Visteon is committed to offering products to automakers that support the goal of reducing vehicle emissions and increasing fuel economy through weight reduction and other approaches. Visteon supports the movement to alternative fuel vehicles and powertrains, with the overall goal of reducing vehicle emissions. Visteon supports high fuel economy vehicles, the latest electric and hybrid electric vehicles (EV/HEV) and alternative refrigerant vehicles through some of the technologies highlighted in this report. In addition, Visteon continues to improve its environmental performance in its global manufacturing operations, aligned with the company's corporate environmental, health and safety policy.

Environmental Product Information – 2013
Halla Visteon Climate Control is supplying an array of technologies to support the world's first mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle, the Hyundai ix35, also known as the Tucson. Products supplied by HVCC on this compact crossover SUV include a centrifugal air compressor, coolant heater, high-voltage cooling module and positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heater, and a HVAC system with an electric compressor. The innovative centrifugal air compressor provides clean pressurized air to the fuel cell stack, which generates power to propel and operate the vehicle.

In 2013, HVCC celebrated the expansion of its Hluk, Czech Republic, plant, where eco-friendly exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) coolers and radiators for European vehicle manufacturers are produced. EGR technologies are used in modern engines to reduce emissions. In India, Visteon's climate business introduced an ultra-slim heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system. This compact system is approximately 10 percent lighter and 30 percent smaller than most conventional HVAC systems, helping enhance fuel economy.

Automotive News PACE Award for product innovation
In 2013, HVCC received the coveted Automotive News PACE Award in the product innovation category for its metal seal fitting at the 19th annual PACE Awards. HVCC's first-to-market metal seal fitting has a seal structure that eliminates a significant source of refrigerant leakage, resists contamination during assembly, and meets current and future market requirements for alternative, environmentally friendly refrigerants. This innovative technology also qualifies for U.S. EPA leakage reduction credits, up to 0.49 g/mile CO₂ per fitting. HVCC also was recognized as a PACE Award finalist in the manufacturing process category for its innovative method that uses a laser to improve the compressor assembly process between the shaft and swashplate. Among its benefits, this process creates an environmentally friendly solution that eliminates the need for harmful chemicals associated with traditional sandblasting and anodizing adhesion methods.


Examples of Environmental Success – 2013
Asia: Best Environment Friendly Green Company
Located in Bhiwadi, Visteon Climate Systems India Limited (VCSIL), a subsidiary of Halla Visteon Climate Control Corp., was recognized by the State Government of Rajasthan, India, for its contribution to environmental protection. VCSIL received the "Best Environment Friendly Green Company" award from the Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation Ltd. (RIICO), and was judged based on efforts surrounding water utilization, waste reuse, recycling and energy conservation.
Asia: "3 Star Rating" in EHS excellence award
Visteon Technical and Services Centre Private Limited (VTSC) in Chennai, India, was recognized for environmental, health and safety (EH&S) excellence in 2013 – earning a highly respected "3-Star Rating" from the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

The CII is a non-government, not-for-profit, industry-led organization that encourages and recognizes innovative practices and extraordinary contributions in EH&S. The desire "to empower and enable a safe work environment for employees and society as a whole and put people before profits" – is the spirit that the award applauds.
Asia: Dehumidification unit improves energy conservation
At Yanfeng Visteon Automotive Electronics, engineers developed an innovative energy-saving solution by adding an air dehumidification unit to a heating and cooling system. This unit reroutes heated exhaust air from ovens used in the production process and utilizes it to dehumidify incoming ventilation air. The plant recognizes significant savings because the less humid ventilation air requires much less energy to cool. The savings amount to the equivalent of nearly two weeks of electricity costs for the facility.