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Visteon achieved its first emission reduction target of a 20 percent reduction in normalized emissions at the end of 2012, setting another 3-year 20 percent reduction target in 2013. In 2014, Visteon has nearly achieved this second target a year early, recognizing a 19.3 percent reduction in normalized emissions after just two years.

Visteon exceeded its targets for 10 percent year-over-year improvements in both energy efficiency and waste efficiency in 2014. Water usage increased 14 percent at Visteon’s global operations in 2014, as plant activity levels were up on average across all plants. Visteon was in full compliance with all customer product-related environmental, health and safety requirements in 2014.

Visteon is committed to offering products to automakers that support the goal of reducing vehicle emissions and increasing fuel economy through weight reduction and other approaches. Visteon supports the movement to alternative fuel vehicles and powertrains, with the overall goal of reducing vehicle emissions. Visteon supports high fuel economy vehicles and the latest electric and hybrid electric vehicles (EV/HEV). Visteon continues to strive to improve its environmental performance in its global manufacturing operations, aligned with the company’s environmental, health and safety policy.


Environmental Product Information – 2014
Visteon demonstrated environmental awareness through various products and operations in 2014. Halla Visteon Climate Control was recognized for outstanding climate change competitiveness, at a ceremony hosted by the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and other groups. The certification recognized outstanding handling of climate change, and demonstration of eco-friendly efforts in HVCC’s operations and products. A management system first launched by HVCC to monitor energy consumption helped reduce greenhouse gases at a plant in Pyeongtaek, Korea, by 26 percent from previous levels.

Also in 2014, HVCC opened a new production area at its manufacturing facility in Hluk, Czech Republic, where eco-friendly exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) coolers and radiators for European vehicle manufacturers are produced. It was the second expansion in two years at the plant. As the movement to downsize engines continues, the latest expansion supported HVCC’s capability to provide innovative thermal energy management solutions such as EGR coolers that offer fuel economy benefits and address emission regulations.

First Mass-Produced Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Has Visteon Connection
Through its majority-owned HVCC business, Visteon supplied an array of technologies to support the world’s first mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle, manufactured by Hyundai Motor Group. Introduced in Europe in 2013, the ix35, also known as the Tucson, was slated for a limited U.S. distribution in 2014. Products supplied by HVCC on the Tucson compact crossover SUV include a centrifugal air compressor, coolant heater, high-voltage cooling module and positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heater, and an HVAC system with an electric compressor. This air compressor technology was a finalist for the 2014 Automotive News PACE Award in the product innovation category.
Examples of Environmental Success – 2014
Pedal Power: Visteon Earns Green Award in UK
Visteon was the proud recipient of the Green Travel Award, presented in the UK by the Essex County Council. The company earned a gold award for outstanding efforts by employees who travel to and from work in environmentally conscious ways, such as by bicycle. The Green Travel Award is given to companies that are proactive in promoting green travel programs with their employees. A gold award is achieved by complying with 30 or more criteria as provided by the county council. Cycling and car sharing are among the practices that qualify companies for the award.
Climate Change Certification Recognizes Eco-Friendly Efforts
HVCC received the “2014 Company with Excellent Competitiveness for Climate Change” certification in Seoul on Sept. 30. The event was jointly hosted by the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy; Korea Energy Management Corp.; and the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This annual certification is granted to Korean companies with outstanding handling of climate change, and demonstration of eco-friendly efforts in its operations and product offering. HVCC also received the “2014 Best Worksite” in the automobile sector for its Pyeongtaek compressor plant in Korea.

At the Pyeongtaek plant, a system used to estimate the amount of carbon discharge generated from the facility resulted in a greenhouse gas reduction of 26 percent from previous levels. The Pyeongtaek plant also instituted a patented process that provides a uniform coating thickness to the compressor piston. Compared with conventional spray methods of coating, this process eliminates air pollutants from coating mist, requiring no special ventilation; eliminates waste in time and materials with better coating quality and condition; and improves manufacturing efficiency.