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A technology-driven company focused on cockpit electronics and the road to autonomous driving


Aug. 2:
Tim Yerdon, head of marketing and communications, will speak at a session titled "Car of Tomorrow: Mobility – Does Form Follow Function?" at the CAR Management Briefing Seminars in Traverse City, Michigan
Aug. 24:
Head of Marketing and Communications Tim Yerdon participates in a panel discussion on nurturing the next generation of automotive/tech innovators at AV17: Autonomous Vehicles Detroit in Michigan
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BLOG: Visteon’s approach to sensor data fusion
By Anshul Saxena
To achieve fully autonomous driving – SAE Level
4/5 – it is essential to make judicious use of
sensor data, which is only possible with
multi-sensor sensor data fusion. Sensor data fusion
acts as a human brain, providing the car with a
complete and accurate picture of its surroundings.
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